2017 HIA Award Winner – ‘Specialised Housing’

2017 HIA Award - Specialised Housing
Normus Urban Projects has been awarded this year’s Housing Industry Association’s South Australian Housing Award for ‘Specialised Housing’.

This accolade was awarded to Normus for the construction of the Lightsview Transitional Support Apartments Project – comprising the construction of eight (8) homes for people with a disability and landscaping including a large and functional area of communal open space. 

The project showcases high quality workmanship – featuring a high degree of consideration, attention to detail and understanding of design intention which, for the resident, ultimately resulted in enhanced lifestyle and independence. The homes have timeless visual appeal as the architectural design seamlessly blends with the award-winning Lightsview development fabric in which the homes are located. The use of a mix of construction materials, similar to surrounding homes, ensured the specialised housing development was complementary and unobtrusive.

“Their [Normus] workmanship and quality of construction was of a high standard, providing attention to the detailing and ensuring a robust, visually attractive development was delivered”

Simon Smith – Renewal SA (Program Manager – Project Delivery)

The Normus’ project team, including Operations Manager, Site Manager, Building Administration, had the ‘finger on the pulse’ and was contactable at all times. Frequently, the client or superintendent would contact Normus to discuss recommendations with a view of fulfilling a common objective – delivering the best possible construction project. Excellent project management, knowledge-base and accessibility of the Normus’ project team was a key factor in the successful delivery of this project.

“The project team enjoyed working with Normus who provided an approachable and professional service throughout, allowing the project to be delivered successfully meeting the specific needs of the individuals and the project requirements”

“At all times, Normus demonstrated their understanding of the facilities future operation to provide a home that would withstand heavy use with a built form enhancing the lifestyle and livelihood of the residents”

Simon Smith – Renewal SA (Program Manager – Project Delivery)

Smart Living Systems (i.e. integrated home automation) were incorporated throughout all homes.  New technological capability coupled with functional purpose-built homes and surroundings ensured residents’ lifestyles were enhanced.

Listed below are a number of additional – unique – features of the Lightsview Transitional Support Apartments:

  • Circulation area(s) for residents in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Unencumbered larger rooms were incorporated to facilitate ease of access for residents with disabilities. This included enabling wheelchair access underneath kitchen benches.
  • External and ceiling mounted camera provisions.
  • Hand-grab rails to provide additional support for residents.
  • Pull-out kitchen cupboards to increase usability and efficiency.
  • Door handles and light switches, with larger buttons, installed at heights to provide optimal accessibility for residents.
  • Commercial grade floor covering – minimise wear and tear whilst providing a non-slip surface.
  • Step-less door thresholds. Optimise resident mobility with unencumbered accessibility.
  • Larger garages for resident access vehicles. This includes higher-access garage doors. This design is complementary to the streetscape and blends in with the surrounding Lightsview locality.
  • Inclusion of wider doors and hallways to optimise resident mobility when moving from room to room.
  • Impact resistant internal wall linings to provide a robust surface.
  • Additional wall frame trim for future grab rail provision.
  • Adaptable requirements to kitchen cabinetry, tiling and service connections.
  • Energy efficient appliances and light fixtures
  • Corner guards and high skirting boards to provide wall protection.
  • Wheelchair accessible vanities.
  • Impact resistant solid internal doors.
  • Angled bathroom mirrors to provide optimal functionality for residents using wheelchairs.
  • Accessible toilet suite with support grab rail and back support.
  • Thermostatic mixing valves to control water temperature.
  • Appealing, large and functional outdoor communal area. The communal area is a functional and adaptable space which is directly accessible from the backyard of each home. There is opportunity for residents to access the communal garden area independently or with others (each rear yard features a lockable gate). Seating has been provided, lighting bollards, artificial turf, raised garden beds which encourage residents to use garden areas.

This award consolidates and acknowledges Normus’ status as a leading South Australian construction company in specialised housing.  Normus is a National and State award-winning company having been awarded for the construction of specialised housing – 2017, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2005, 2000 and 1999.



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