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Your land…. Normus Urban Projects wants to develop your land ‘hassle free’.

Many South Australian suburbs are going through a period of change – increasing residential density.  In other words, older houses located on larger properties are nearing the end of their life cycle and are being demolished.  This provides opportunities for a more efficient use of land, for example several modern homes are being constructed on the same property.  The team at Normus Urban Projects offers their expertise with this form of development.  Normus Urban Projects is currently involved with similar projects where three and four homes are being constructed on a property which previously accommodated one home – refer to illustrations of two current developments.

The team at Normus Urban Projects recognises that people become attached to their local neighbourhood.  For many, this is regarded as a natural human attachment to a sense of place.  People can become attached to a local area for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to):-

  • Familiarity
  • Local friendships
  • Sporting activities
  • Proximity to family; and
  • Proximity to local conveniences

76 Bray Street, Plympton

76 Bray Street, Plympton Park

We, at Normus Urban Projects, want to work with you and guide you through the development process.  This provides you with a realistic opportunity to streamline the process and develop your land, with the added peace of mind of being guided through the process by a multi-award winning construction company.

Normus Urban Projects have over 20 years experience, including but not limited to, the construction of specialised accommodation.  In fact, the Normus Urban Projects team has won a number of State and National awards for specialised accommodation projects.  We can tailor your new home with features to make life easier (e.g. hand-grab rails, wider hallways, living area circulation, etc).

The team at Normus Urban Projects can provide you with the complete package from conception to the finished product, including:-

  • Council Development Plan investigations
  • Efficient functional design with visual appeal
  • Preparation of all documentation
  • Lodgement of development application with Council and attain Development Approval
  • Demolition of existing house; and
  • Construction of affordable and low maintenance homes

The advantages of developing with Normus Urban Projects include the following:-

  • Potential to down-size and live in a new purpose-built house ideal for your current living requirements
  • Investment – optimise the value of your land
  • Potential to retain the familiarity and lifestyle that you enjoy everyday in your new quality home
  • Low-maintenance living including new fixtures and appliances, ducted air-conditioning, etc
  • New housing finishes (e.g. carpet, tiles, freshly painted walls etc); and
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance issues

Enquire today and contact the Normus Urban Projects team for further information.


36 Elgin Avenue, Warradale

36 Elgin Avenue, Warradale

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